Disney x Pandora – it’s all about the Princesses!

Channel the strengths of your favorite Disney Princesses and let them inspire you to live bravely and  unapologetically. Redefine what it means to be a princess in the modern world by wearing your heart on  your sleeve and providing unconditional support to your friends and family.  

Let’s take a closer look and share some fun facts as well as show you beautiful ways to style your favorite  Disney x Pandora princess!  

Meet Disney's princess Cinderella - dressed in the iconic blue ball gown created with transparent mosaic  blue and transparent enamel; and a blue headband and earrings. Pair this charm with our new dangle as  well - an openwork asymmetric star shape frames the large blue center stone with beading along its edges, swirl details on the front and back, and cut-out pumpkin carriage details on the back. Makes a  perfect pair for any bracelet or necklace!  

Cinderella Fun Facts:  

Year Movie was Released: Cinderella - 1950  

Words To Describe Cinderella: Determined, courageous, kind, hardworking & hopeful  Signature Color: Blue  

Signature Song: “So This Is Love”  

Let us introduce you to Disney’s princess Jasmine with colorful translucent yellow enamel earrings and  necklace and glittering blue enamel clothing. This charm looks beautiful beside our 14K gold plated metal  to really bring out her yellow earrings.  

Jasmine Fun Facts:  

Year Movie was Released: Aladdin - 1992  

Words To Describe Jasmine: Strong-willed, open minded, daring, generous & independent  Signature Color: Blue  

Signature Song: “A Whole New World” 

Wearing a lilac and glittery deep lavender enamel dress, this Rapunzel has special features, including  lavender fower details in her hair and engraved facial features. Add some of our beautiful purple charms  for a look that is simply stunning!  

Rapunzel Fun Facts:  

Year Movie was Released: Tangled - 2010  

Words To Describe Rapunzel: Irrepressible, creative, inquisitive & devoted  

Signature Color: Purple  

Signature Song: “I See the Light” 

With glittery lime green, glittery apple green, custard yellow and green glow enamel, Disney’s princess  Tiana is ready to with confidence work for achieving her dreams. Special features include a silver fower  detail across the dress.  

Tiana Fun Facts:  

Year Movie was Released: The Princess and the Frog - 2009  

Words To Describe Princess Tiana: Ambitious, confident, driven & talented  

Signature Color: Green  

Signature Song: “I’m Almost There”  

Disney’s princess Ariel charm comes as a cute, stylized charm with a colorful translucent green enamel  tail, purple translucent enamel top & hair accessory and engraved facial features. Go “under the sea” by  pairing pieces from our Ocean Collection with this beautiful Ariel charm.  

Ariel Fun Facts:  

Year Movie was Released: The Little Mermaid - 1989  

Words To Describe Ariel: Curious, free-spirited, tenacious & adventurous  

Signature Color: Ocean Blue or Green  

Signature Song: “Part of Your World” 

This sterling silver snake chain bracelet with a heart-shaped clasp and a small dangling heart in 14k gold  plating has special features, including a crown outline at the base of the heart clasp embellished with  sparkling clear stones and an engraving on the back saying, "Never give up on your dreams". The dangling  heart is set with a clear stone surrounded by a star shape.  

And we couldn’t forget two other favorite Princesses - Snow White & Belle! These pendants are a  beautiful way to showcase your love for these princess’s iconic symbols – the apple for Snow White and  rose for Belle - and are also just a beautiful addition to any bracelet or necklace.  

This new Disney x Pandora collection celebrates the unique personality of each Pandora woman and  Disney Princess while also celebrating what connects them: their kind hearts and determination to never  give up on their dreams.  

From all of us here at Pandora Las Vegas – “Never Give Up On Your Dreams”! 

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