Express Yourself with Colors

Who doesn’t want to add a little color to their life? Well, with our gorgeous new Pandora Colors Collection, we have the perfect way for you to do just that – add a pop of color to your wardrobe with some of our beautiful new pieces!




The solitaire collection features brilliant cut crystals claw-set with three prongs to really add a lightness to the stone setting. This collection includes 6 different rings, 3 earrings, and 4 clips.


These SOLITAIRE RINGS are great for stacking and to represent your birthstone or your favorite color – but did you know that every color has a meaning? You can express who you are and what you love through the colors you choose.


Let’s break down the meaning of the colors featured in these stunning rings...

Red – Love, Passion & Courage
Green – Nature, Energy, Luck and Growth
Pink – Youth, Good Health, Playfulness & Nurturing Femininity
Blue – Confidence, Consistency, Reliability & Calmness
Aqua – Dreams, Inspiration & Hope
Purple – Royalty, Wisdom, Creativity & Peace




Our new SOLITAIRE HUGGIE EARRINGS are the perfect dainty hoop to add to any earring collection. Like the solitaire rings, they are made with our Pandora Rose metal which really brings a femininity to each piece and makes the purple, pink and light blue stones stand out!


A great addition to our clip collection, these SOLITAIRE CLIPS are made with silicone inserts and can be styled anywhere on your bracelet (except over the threads) to stay in place and protect your charms from rolling around or of of your bracelet. We love it when a piece is not only fashionable but functional too!



Another stunning new arrival are these four colorful charms featuring oval cabochon-cut crystals. Our designers chose this cabochon cut for their color saturation and to minimize the presence of metal to really give a full color impact. And boy did it work! These charms also have 36 round brilliant cut crystals on the sides to add that Pandora sparkle to each charm! We also love that these charms comes in Sterling Silver (Green & Fuchsia) and Pandora Rose (Pink and Blue) so that you can mix your metals for a very on-trend look!



Are you ready for this? We have a necklace...a ring...a bangle...and a charm all in this Pink Swirl collection so you can create an entire look for you or for someone special! Inspired by the look of natural gemstones such as rose quartz, the Pink Swirl Heart Statement Ring, Necklace, Bangle and Charm get their authentic gem-like look through a labor intensive process involving hand-mixed, fired and applied enamel layers.

It’s All in the Details - a lot of LOVE goes into creating this beautiful collection!

  • The statement ring is perfect for any outfit or occasion.

  • The necklace, bangle, and charm together have 135 Fancy Fairy Tale Pink CZs to make you sparkle for all to see.

  • The necklace has a heart-shaped tag with pink CZs on the closure of the necklace – wear your hair up to show of this dainty detail.

  • The Pink Swirl Bangle has a new closure design that allows you to wear the bangle open or closed creating two looks in one.

To see even more styles in the Pandora Colors collection click here.

We hope you all are as excited as we are about these new arrivals! We’d love to know - which color best represents you? Share in comments below!

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