Here’s to the January Birthday Babes

We wanted to give a HUGE Birthday shout out to our January Babies out there! With a New Year and a NEW BLOG – we will be taking time each month to wish all of our friends a Happy Birthday and to highlight that month’s birthstone and astrological signs – and of course share some beautiful product for all your birthday gifting needs! So without further ado...let’s talk about JANUARY!


Did You Know???


The month of January was named after the Roman god Janus. Janus had two faces which allowed him to always be able to look in front of him and behind him. Janus is also the Latin word for door! How perfect for the first month of the year – January is the month to create resolutions and is a great time to reflect back on the previous year and to look forward for the New Year to come!



The official birthstone for January is Garnet. This red stone is believed to help eliminate negative feelings and provide a greater self-confidence and mental clarity. This stone also helps to provide creative thinking and peace of mind for the wearer.


Here at Pandora Las Vegas we have some beautiful pieces to represent the month of January’s beautiful red stone! There are two NEW stunning pieces in our Pandora Colors collection and our ever popular My True Colors charm and matching ring that would be great for any January baby or red lover!



Capricorn – December 22 to January 19

Element: Earth

Let everyone know how fiercely ambitious and dependable you are with our Sparkling Capricorn Zodiac Charm in sterling silver. Not one to sit around idly, Capricorns like you are always working towards creating a brighter tomorrow. Wear the polished side with sprinkled cubic zirconia or reverse it to show the beaded back with tiny star details – the choice is all yours. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite Capricorn!

Aquarius – January 20 to February 18

Element: Air

Show the world who you are with our Sparkling Aquarius Zodiac Charm. Known for being revolutionaries and great thinkers, Aquarians like have always aspired to change the world with their big ideas and imaginations. They are enigmatic, unique, and have a personality that is quite unlike any other. Celebrate yourself or a special Aquarius with this two-sided Sparkling Aquarius Zodiac Charm that is hand-finished in sterling silver with beaded details on the back and cubic zirconia on the front.



Looking for something different? Celebrate ANY birthday with these adorable birthday charms. Our Sweet Cupcake Charm, Pink Birthday Cake Dangle, and Happy Birthday Charm are all perfect ways to show someone you are thinking of them on their special day! Choose your favorite or choose all three to make a "sweet" gift set for anyone just starting a bracelet!


From all of your Pandora Las Vegas Family – Happy January!

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  • Caroline Ackley

    Love the great Birthday info! I’ve got 5 Capricorns in my family (almost all of them boys) and I didn’t know all these awesome facts! I’ll have to get the Capricorn charm to symbolize them and our love of looks at the stars at night too!

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